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What is Game Sack? I hear you ask, Game Sack is couple of guys who love to play video games decided to start a Youtube channel! These guys are David White and Joe Redifer from Denver, CO, with their knowledge they're teaching the world about video games one video at a time!

This Wiki is 100% fan made, it is to inform people of the greatness that is Game Sack and to show our appreciation towards the channel! If you would like to add info to any exsisting pages or to create a new page you are more than welcome too, just make sure the information is appropriate!

Thank you!

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Game Sack Channel Trailer

Game Sack Channel Trailer

Useful Wiki Links

List of Game Sack episodes

A great guide on every episode of Game Sack, including info on the episode number, the running time, release date and a link to each episode!

Joe Redifer

One of the two hosts of Game Sack and the Sega guy of the duo, information and more just a click away!

David White

The other of the two hosts and the Nintendo fan between them, just click up there for information all about Dave!

Featured Video​...

Game Sack - The Sega CD

Game Sack - The Sega CD

Dave and Joe talk about the Sega CD, talking about the best games and the worst all packed into one video!


...the name Game Sack was thought of 5 minutes before the first episode was created.

...the first episode was shot the same day the 3DS was released in North America.

...the episode 'Tetris and Other Puzzle Games' is the least popular episode to date.

...the episode 'Out Run' is the last episode shot on the dark brown sofa.

...the episode 'Random Battle 1' is the first on screen appearance of Jen.

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